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Gigabyte H81M Hackintosh OpenCore 0.6.4 EFI - Tested with Intel Core i5 4590 and AMD Radeon RX570 8 GB Gigabyte H81M Hackintosh OpenCore 0.6.7 EFI - Tested with Intel Core i5 4590 and Sapphire Radeon RX580 8 GB Skylake (6th Gen A simple mistake in UEFI setting may prevent your Hackintosh from Booting. UEFI Configuration error may cause macOS to hang on boot process or may even cause kernel panics. Here we have listed basic UEFI BIOS Settings that is required to boot a Hackintosh in a UEFI MotherBoard. 1 Disable CS hackintosh-efi. EFI Folder for my Hackintosh build. Hardware. Intel Core i9-9900k; Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER ATX LGA1151 Motherboard; Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory; PCPartPicker Build Note: RTX2080 Does not work in MacOS and I'm using a separate HDMI cable to connect the same monitor directly to the motherboard.

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  1. 970 EVO Pro is not recommended for Hackintosh but it works. This EFI is compatible with macOS Catalina, Kexts must be Installed. 130 downloads (0 reviews) 0 comments Submitted December 22, 2020. Submit a file Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Default; Home ; Downloads ; EFI Bootloader ; macOS Big Sur Hackintosh EFI Hackintosh Shop; Contact Us; Facebook; Twitter; ×. Existing user? Sign In.
  2. Hackintosh Bootloader EFI Desktop (iGPU) Desktop (iGPU + dGPU) Laptop (Acer) Laptop (Asus) Laptop (Dell) Laptop (HP) Laptop (Lenovo) Laptop (MSI) readme.md Hackintosh Bootloader EFI
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  4. Part 2: Configuring EFI Partition for a Catalina Hackintosh. We will now mount the hidden EFI Partition created when the flash drive was formatted. Mount EFI Partition. Download Clover Configurator; Open Clover Configurator; Select Mount EFI under TOOLS; Click Mount Partition for Install macOS. Click Open Partition (This is where the EFI Folder will go) Create or Download a EFI Folder. An.
  5. 9 Hackintosh Kernel; 14 EFI Bootloader; Featured Downloads. MultiBeast Catalina By Macintosh. 1 review 16,553 3 MultiBeast for Catalina is an all-in-one post-installation tool designed to enable boot from hard drive, and install support for Audio, Network, and Graphics. In addition, it includes System Utilities to rebuild caches and repair permissions and a collection of drivers, bootloaders.

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Hi, I'm trying to install Clover on my new Mojave Hackintosh. For some reason, the installer failed and when I tried to find the EFI partition of the partition where I installed Mojave on, it was completely GONE! Can anybody help me? I am so puzzled, please... I am in complete exhaustion. P.S.. The EFI partition will not be mounted as you can see in Windows Exporer, but you wont have permission to access or edit it just yet. Step 2. Access & Edit EFI partition on Windows. In order to open the EFI partition on Windows and be able to make changes to it's contents we are going to use a third party program called Explorer++. Download.

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Recently, I got an issue with my OpenCore EFI partition on my Hackintosh system. I messed up the config.plist and it makes my macOS Catalina Hackintosh won't boot properly. Fortunately, I have another hard drive with Windows 10 installed on it. So, I can edit my config.plist in the EFI partition and now it works again. Update!! How to Mount EFI Partition on Windows 10 in simpler way using. 2.1 Falls deine EFI-Partition noch gemounted ist, also noch auf dem Desktop zu sehen ist, klickst du oben in der Menüleiste einfach auf File und dann auf Import Configuration. Dort öffnet sich dann ein Menü und du wählst links unter Devices deine EFI-Partition aus. Auf der EFI-Partition befindet sich ein Ordner der ebenfalls EFI heisst. In diesem befinden sich weitere Ordner. Öffne.

Generally, this is good news for compatibility- thanks to Clover's use of the EFI partition, you can now update your Hackintosh's installation of OS X directly through the Apple App Store, often without having to reinstall your bootloader or any of your Hackintosh-specific kexts. Everything is preserved on the EFI partition I have a working Hackintosh. I am currently booting from the EFI on my 970 SSD. I am unable to boot from the EFI on the 860 SSD despite it being Help me out of the DARKNESS. Help me grow the Light. Help Me Stand out Bright!https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5247733#ThatsTheRealManHelpATTENTION!!! ATTENTI.. In this video:How to Mount and Edit macOS EFI partition and also Plist files directly on windows 10 - hackintosherorHow To Access EFI System Partition On Win.. Step 2: Mounting an EFI Partition When a drive is partition in the GUID format it will have an EFI partition. This partition is the bootloader that will contain the files needed to run a hackintosh. We need to mount it

An EFI folder that could boot macOS Mojave cannot necessary boot macOS Catalina due to changes in the way AppleACPIEC behaves which require it to be either disabled, renamed or spoofed to boot macOS Catalina on most hackintosh motherboards. Not addressing EC in Catalina can cause hagging with verbose outputs such as Waiting on root device or AE_NOT_FOUND that will prevent you from booting. If you just want the contents of EFI partition deleted and create new content, yes you can do that. But I guess you need to know that the EFI Partition is HIDDEN. You cannot just use a Search & Find tool for that. You have to 'unhide EFI partition of the disk in which it is created during Erase Disk tool in Disk Utility In this video i demonstrate how to resize EFI partition to fix MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation during hackintosh Instal..

Which are the best open-source hackintosh-efi projects? This list will help you: XPS-9360-macOS, X230-Hackintosh, X230-Hackintosh, Lenovo-Thinkpad-T450-T450s-Hackintosh-Guide-Opencore, Gigabyte-B460M-DS3H-Hackintosh, X79-Hackintosh-Catalina, and ThinkPad-T530-Hackintosh How to set up the UEFI of your Hackintosh's Gigabyte motherboard In their newest series of motherboards, Gigabyte has replaced the traditional motherboard BIOS with UEFI, a newer (and better-looking) interface for managing motherboard settings. The layout of the UEFI on Gigabyte motherboards is different from the old BIOS layout, and there are a few new settings that need to be changed to work. EFI Ordner ist Mac Catalina 10.15.5 abgestimmt! BCM943602CS Combo Karte für Hackintosh (Mac OS X) EFI; MacOS Catalina; 10.15; SMBIOS; 10.15.5; Teilen; Inhalt melden; Version 2.6. 21. Juli 2020; 59,87 MB 533 Downloads Inhaltsverzeichnis [Verbergen Anzeigen] macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73) macOS Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73) - Clover Bootloader r5120 - Clover Configurator - KextUpdater 3. Schau Dir Angebote von Hackintosh Efi auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter

You can also use the EFI partition to make a more vanilla installation by keeping all your kexts and bootloader config files in the EFI partition. This allows you to use App Store updates without the fear of bricking your hack. However, since all macOS drives have a hidden EFI partition to start with, you can also do this through BIOS booting We move the Hackintosh EFI Download to the following address: Hackintosh EFI Download for Intel and AMD System. Apart from those individual files, drivers etc. Below you can download my complete EFI folder. AMD FX . EFI for AMD FX with OpenCore 0.5.9 - Tested with AMD FX-8350, Motherboard Gigabyte GA-970a-D3P, MSI Radeon RX-570. EFI for AMD FX with OpenCore 0.5.8 - Tested with AMD FX-8350. Bei deinem Wissen um das Thema Hackintosh würde ich und auch andere Mitglieder das sehr bedauern. Mit dem Vorschlag bin ich voll auf deiner Seite. Helpful PDF; griven. Garstiger Hobbit. Likes Received 8,712 Posts 21,166 Lexicon Articles 24 Map Entry yes Motherboard Asrock Z97 Pro4 processor Core I7 - 4790K graphicscard Powercolor R9 290-X 4096 MB bootloader OpenCore operating system macOS 10. Reformat the EFI partition. In Terminal: diskutil list Find the EFI disk number, then format: sudo newfs_msdos -v EFI /dev/diskXsX Now you have to reinstall Clover etc. 2) Find out what is using up the space and make more space. Go to /Volume/EFI and do a. du -sh * This will show you what uses how much space in that directory. level 2. 1 point · 2 years ago. He can even resize the partition. Ist bei der Erstinstallation notwendig händisch eine eigene EFI zu bauen oder gibt es ein Tool?Hintergrund: Muss der Clover-Installer einmal für den Stick und die Platte laufen, oder reicht die Kopie der EFI-Dateien dort auf die Platte/Stick? Soweit ic

Clover EFI bootloader Boot macOS, Windows, and Linux on Mac or PC with UEFI or BIOS firmware Brought to you by: apianti, slice200 Gutenabend,German is not my main language but I will try.Ich habe Ozmosis jetzt genau so installiert und eingerichtet wie ich wünsche und wie es war mit Clover.Alles ist erstellt mittels den Konsole unter OS X 10.11.5 und geschrieben in den verschieden Added boot.efi debug protocol support for 10.15.4+ Added boot.efi performance logging for 10.15.4+ Added ProtectUefiServices quirk to fix DevirtualiseMmio on Z390; Replaced BOOTCAMP Windows with Windows to match the original; Added bundled OpenShell originally available as OpenCoreShell; Rework readlabel utility into disklabel with encoding suppor That's okay, just select HackintoshHD and it'll finish the install. Once installed on the X230, you'll want to copy the EFI folder from the EFI partition of the USB stick to the EFI partition of your boot disk. Then, for WiFi, you'll need to install the macOS Sierra driver for your TP-Link USB adapter. After a reboot just plug it in and connect

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Die EFI-Systempartition hat keinen Laufwerksbuchstaben und wird daher nicht im Datei-Explorer angezeigt. Das bedeutet, Sie können ausschließlich über die Datenträgerverwaltung darauf zugreifen.. Achtung: Wenn Sie die ESP löschen, können Sie die installierten Systeme nicht mehr starten! Legen Sie daher vorsichtshalber immer ein Backup Ihrer Daten an, bevor Sie zur Tat schreiten To make any Hackintosh Installer bootable you must find a suitable EFI folder or Make an EFI folder, You can find pre-working EFI Folders below. Download Big Sur EFI Folders When you have downloaded an EFI Folder, Extract it and copy the Folder EFI into the BOOTLOADER Volume Trying to install a Hackintosh for the first time ;o. I ran into my first issue of there being no EFI partition on my flash drive. How am I supposed to mount the partition? If anyone has any idea on how to help me, tyvm. There's an EFI partition on my SSD but none on my /dev/disk2 which is my flash drive which I'm trying to make bootable. Funniest hackintosh I've ever did (3 Gb (1+2) RAM DDR 2 667 MHz, Intel Core Duo T2300 @1.66 MHz (might show as solo but I've fixed it), WiFi works, Ethernet does not, Bootloader: Chameleon v2.2 r2404, OS: macOS X Leopard 10.5.2 (had to use a custom ROM called Kalyway because vanilla didn't work

Um macOS Sierra auf einem Hackintosh zu installieren muss man kein IT-Experte sein. Hier eine kurze Anleitung dazu. Vorwort Systeme Alle Vorgehensweisen für eine komplette Neuinstallation sind hier für macOS Sierra ganz genau aufgeführt. Diese könnt Ihr aber genauso umsetzen, nur eben mit einem HighSierra- oder Mojave-Installer statt dem für Sierra. Auch mit den verlinkten alten Kexten. Hackintosh.com links to everything you need to build a Hackintosh and get macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) as well as many earlier versions of Mac OS X running on an unsupported computer -- instructions, step-by-step how to guides, and tutorials -- in addition to installation videos, lists of compatible computers and parts, and communities for support.. X79 Hackintosh guide. Learn how to install macOS Catalina on X79/LGA2011 motherboard with E5-2650 & RX-580. Applicable to Huanan X79

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EFI Modus umstellen - Umstellung der Boot-Modi von (U)EFI nach BIOS. efibootmgr - (U)EFI-Menü einstellen und prüfen. EFI USB-Stick - Einen USB-Stick für UEFI aufbereiten. EFI Problembehebung - eine Sammlung von Erfahrungen, Fragen und Abhilfen. Howto/Installation von 32-Bit Ubuntu auf EFI-System - ein 32-bit-Ubuntu auf Systemen mit EFI. THIS GUIDE IS NOT MAINTAINED ANYMORE, YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE NEW GUIDE HERE Introduction New Hp laptops series have UEFI implemented in BIOS, and it provides much more advantages over current BIOS-based bootloaders like Chimera/Chameleon. - Faster boot time - Easier OS X install/Upgrade..

The issue is not in the files in the EFI partitions, the issue is how the disk is partitioned and how the systems will react to it. For example, macOS disk utility cannot (for whatever reason) format a partition on a GPT disk if the EFI partition is not at least 200MB, while windows and linux are satisfied with whatever size you give them, as long as it can hold the boot files. Usually, if you. macOS Big Sur Hackintosh EFI ; Chipset 300 / 400 Series Clover EFI Big Sur Facebook; Twitter; Donation Goals. Monthly Donation - May. Hackintosh Shop was made possible by using your donations & displaying ads which covers the running cost. Donate with BitCoins. Thanks 15 % $15.00 of $100.00 Donate Now. Show More. Donation Stats. 1 Total Donors. $15.00 Total Donations. $100.00 Total Goals. 15 %. root86 - erstes deutsches Hackintosh Support Forum 24 Okt 2015 Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build Rev 3301 ) 17 Okt 2015 Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build 3292 ) 16 Okt 2015 Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build 3288 ) 01 Okt 2015 Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build 3277 ) 27 Aug 2015 Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build 3259 ) Herunterladen Clover EFI Bootloader ( Build 4243 ) 8 Stimmen Clover UEFI EFI Bootloader. Ein Hackintosh punktet zwar in Sachen Preis, allerdings sind die Performance und die Systemstabilität nicht mit der eines echten Macs vergleichbar. Hinzu kommt, dass der Rechner nach einem Systemupdate möglicherweise den Dienst verweigert. Aus diesem Grund ist ein Hackintosh für den produktiven Einsatz in der Regel nicht geeignet If you are familiar with Mac dual booting then you may know that we don't have direct access to EFI partition (Extensible Firmware Interface) even not from mac,From mac we have mount the EFI Partition using terminal command but is there any way to access it on Windows ? My Answer is yes yeah you heard me right. How To Access EFI Partition From Windows. Procedure For Mounting EFI Partition on.

Bei der CLOVERX64.efi handelt es sich um den eigentlichen Bootloader den wir ja noch benötigen. Die restlichen Dateien und Ordner sind entweder unnötig oder werden mit der Clover Konfiguration ersetzt, welche in unserem Hackintosh Paket für das Vorke Notebook 15 liegt Hi, so today i want to show tutorial of post installation to replace the existing windows EFi into Clover EFI. Don't forget to subscribe like and share this.

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Recommendation: Delete the Folder called APPLE in your EFI Folder if it exists. This folder is created automacially on EFI partition of the flash drive during the install and may cause issues for the hackintosh. The folder will eventually be recreated, however you only need to delete it once after installing macOS If you need a preconfigured EFI folder to drop in and work with: Hackintosher-Catalina-10.15-EFI.zip from Catalina Hackintosh Install Guide. All I did was enable an EC0 to EC patch, add slide=0 as a boot flag and add the BIOS patch for my ASUS Z390-A motherboard and it work. Dont forget to place it in the EFI partition ofc. 1. Z390 Required EFI Drivers. This is what I use at minimum with Z390. On SOME UEFI systems, like AMI Aptio, you can add and change boot options from the firmware setup (aka, BIOS setup) and change boot file priority, use this instead of renaming if you have this option. If you can do this, no need to configure clover any further. Manually Add Clover Entry: Enter EFI Shell. As shell loads, note the label of the HDD/SSD your EFI and macOS/OSX are installed on, or. Quad-Core Hackintosh Goodness: EFI-X. After two successful Hackintosh builds to boost my confidence, I decided to step it up a notch. My main computer has been a Mac Mini for the last few years, and while they are great little machines, nothing makes their lack of power more apparent than trying to convert video in Handbrake. And while many people claim to be able to play HD video just fine on.

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[Guide]HP Elitebook 8x70p&8x70W hackintosh with UEFI only [Guide]HP Elitebook 8x70p&8x70W hackintosh with UEFI only. elitebook; 8470p; 8570; 8570w; 8770w; hackintosh; clover; hotpatch; macos; macos mojave; macos catalina; By y010204025, March 12, 2020 in Installation Guides. Share Followers 4. 12 posts in this topic . Recommended Posts. y010204025 1 Posted March 12, 2020. y010204025. Catalina Hackintosh Install Full Guide. This guide should work on most newer computers that are less than 5 years old. If you need a new system thats hackintosh compatible check out our list of compatible parts or the build list for hackintosh friendly parts.. Completed Builds with macOS Catalina #hackintosh-efi. Open-source projects categorized as hackintosh-efi Language filter: + ASL + Python + C++ + Rich Text Format + Shell. Related topics: #Hackintosh #Opencore #opencore-efi #Catalina #hackintosh-files. Top 17 hackintosh-efi Open-Source Projects. XPS-9360-macOS. 3 118 6.7 ASL XPS 13 (9360) with macOS Catalina . Project mention: I'm tired of following Dortania guide and running.

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Hello everyone, welcome to another Hackintosh tutorial. In this article, I am going to show you how to install macOS Big Sur Hackintosh on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450M Steel Legend motherboard. It is a nice and fast Hackintosh you can get at a lower cost. At the end of this post, you can download the EFI folder for this Hackintosh build. I. Hackintosh AMD RYZEN 7 3800X IM HACKINTOSH EFI WIRD EIN XEON W ANGEZEIGT. VERBAUT IST NATÜRLICH... 1.500 € 91126 Schwabach. Gestern, 13:37. Hackintosh macOS Installationsservice. Hiermit biete ich ein Angebot über das installieren von macOS auf nicht Apple PCs... VB. Versand möglich. 60314 Ostend. 07.04.2021. ASUS UX301L Hackintosh. Verkaufe hier mein neuwertiges (kaum benutzt) ASUS. Resources - Hackintosh for Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 EFI and Docs, USD $0.00. Thanks for supporting me! I will buy a cup of coffee and continuing updating this product for more feature!EFI Included for :.. That's it. If you don't need FileVault, and are setting up a standard UEFI installation, these are the only entries you should need. You may find more than the above selected in the UEFI Drivers section and subsections - feel free to deselect any not listed. There are some that can even cause conflicts with other settings/kexts (Like SMCHelper-64.efi), so it's a good idea to run as lean as.

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A lot of people here (and there) think that multibooting is quite hard with macOS, which actually the case with some systems (stupid mobos) and quite tricky in legacy mode, but as far as you're using UEFI, it's very VERY easy.. To begin with, I will start with UEFI mode, which is the easiest setup to do. This guide will cover different situations, and I will try to implement linux too for. An Intel-based PC with UEFI bios; A USB flash drive with at least 16GB capacity; A dedicated hard drive (SSD highly recommended) A computer running OS X (10.9 or later) for preparing the installation USB flash drive ; I chose to avoid the UniBeast installer (by Tonymacx86) because of its commercialized nature, as described here. Here is a vanilla guide to installing El Capitan on your PC. Bau Deinen eigenen Hackintosh - maßgeschneidert und rasend schnell. Dashboard; Kaufberatung. Kompatible Hardware für macOS; Office- Hackintosh. Empfehlungen Drucker; Videoschnitt- Hackintosh ; Gaming- Hackintosh; Anleitungen. macOS 11.0 Big Sur auf dem Asus PRIME Z370-A II installieren; macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur auf dem Asus PRIME B360M-A installieren; MACOS 10.15.X CATALINA AUF GIGABYTE GA-Z97X. Connect the Hackintosh system to the Internet via LAN cable, USB tethering or a Mac-compatible external WiFi adapter. Download & install Clover Configurator on MacOS. Open EFI partition and copy -> paste the EFI folder once more. You may use Karabiner-Elements if the keyboard mappings (command and option) are acting up. FAQ

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Startschwierigkeiten beim Rebel EFI. Zumindest etwas billiger geht der Trick, so verspricht es zumindest der Mac-Klon-Hersteller Psystar, verwendet man eine Software namens Rebel EFI. Die kostet. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 70,354 times Hackintosh can harm your system and data if you are not careful, so even if you have done this before or you are doing this for the first time, i recommend you to watch the full videos first then start the process! For up-to-date video, i recommend you to Watch This Tutorial for complete instructions. This video includes all of the instructions and warnings you need to be aware of. A FEW. Wenn das Bios zu klein ist und das Theme nicht ins ROM passt, dann kann man es so auf der EFI Partition ablegen: Bilder sind ausgeblendet, bitte einloggen oder registrieren. Dateien. OzmosisHorizontalTheme.bin.zip (206,77 kB, 134 mal heruntergeladen, zuletzt: 15. Januar 2021, 20:46) Spoiler anzeigen. Bilder sind ausgeblendet, bitte einloggen oder registrieren. MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Mitte 2012.

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Hackintosh-Inc.de - Hackintosh Forum » Forum » Bootloader » Ozmosis UEFI Firmware Download Center. Hackintosh-Inc.de - Ozmosis Datenbank! Sollte euer Board nicht dabei sein, dann könnt ihr hier eure Anfrage stellen --> Ozmosis UEFI Anfrage Hackintosh-Inc.de - Ozmosis Datenbank! Sollte euer Board nicht dabei sein, dann könnt ihr hier eure Anfrage stellen --> Ozmosis UEFI Anfragen Willkommen bei Hackintosh-Inc.de Hackintosh Forum Ozmosis Support: www.Hackintosh-Inc.de. Hackintosh-Inc.de - Ozmosis Datenbank! Sollte euer Board nicht dabei sein, dann könnt ihr hier eure Anfrage stellen --> Ozmosis UEFI Anfrage Euer Hackintosh wird durch ein Systemupdate vielleicht eines Tages nicht mehr laufen. Euer Apple-Konto wird vielleicht gesperrt, vermutlich mit aller von Euch gekaufter Software. Es ist aber eher unwahrscheinlich, dass Apple (oder ein Abmahnanwalt) eine zivilrechtliche Klage einreichen wird. Der entstandene Schaden (bei einer unentgeldlich angebotnenen Software) ist einfach zu gering. Anders. Hackintosh EFI Drivers Explained. 6,394 0. Since the introduction of UEFI BIOS, All Hackintosh users switched to Clover boot-loader from Chameleon. Clover has most advanced options and on-the-fly patching support. It has also some built-in drivers to enhance its functionality, They are know as EFI Drivers. Clover EFI boot loader have several EFI Drivers, These drivers can be found in the. Which are best open-source hackintosh-efi projects in ASL? This list will help you: XPS-9360-macOS, X230-Hackintosh, X230-Hackintosh, Gigabyte-B460M-DS3H-Hackintosh, HP-ProBook-430-G5-Hackintosh, HP-Elitebook-850-G7-Hackintosh, and ASUS-FX504GE-Hackintosh_Updated_OpenCore

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