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Jan 12, 2019 @ 9:10am. It is not possible as fullscreen optimizations feature is exclusive to Windows 10. You shouldn't be getting white boxes on Windows 7. However, if for some reason you're getting them, you can try unpacking this [steps.keybase.pub] archive into the installation directory of the game. #1 TIP: Disable Full Screen Optimizations Apparently, this is enabled by default since the Anniversary Update, it basically forces a game to run in borderless fullscreen mode even if you selected fullscreen mode in the game's options, making the game stutter more, frametimes more variable, and there may be some performance loss Right click csgo.exe > Properties > Compatibility tab > tick the Disable full-screen optimisations box. (Enabled by default) (Enabled by default) You can find csgo.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensiv Go and turn off Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Tips & Guides. I have this off before but i guess Windows Update turned it on again. Right click csgo.exe under steam/steamapps/common/counter strike global offensive/compatibility and uncheck disable fullscreen optimization If you turn off Use Game Bar to capture screenshots and video in Win10 Gaming section, this basically disables full screen optimizations globally. FSO is basically so MS can overlay Game Bar within a whitelisted/compatible game. If you disable FSO per-exe without turning off above global setting, it'll lock game out of using game bar via hotkey (Win + G), which is essentially the same as switching game bar off globally

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Disable Fullscreen Optimizations via Settings Press Window s key and I key together to open Settings. In the Settings window, click System. Then click Display tab from the left panel. Then choose Advanced graphics settings. In the pop-up window, uncheck the option Enable fullscreen optimizations Right Click on the Executable File (.exe) and Select Properties Select the Compatibility Tab Under Settings - Select Disable Fullscreen Optimizations Click Appl Run CompatibilityManager and it will load games from your Steam library by default because it's built primarily for games. You can of course add other folders and files from the respective buttons at the bottom and manage compatibility settings for other apps as well. Select the games and apps you want to disable fullscreen optimization for. Change its compatibility mode settings, and its color mode settings if you need/want to, and click the 'Save selected to registry. Select the games and apps for which you want to disable fullscreen optimization. Optionally, you can adjust the compatibility and color mode settings although this isn't necessary. Regardless, make sure you select the Disable fullscreen optimization option. Finally, click the button called Save selected to registry. You can also use the app if you ever want to enable fullscreen optimization again

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Method 4: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations For All Users. You can also choose to disable fullscreen optimization for all users instead of disabling it for some specific apps. For this you need to do as follows: Step 1: Right-click on that particular application you want to disable Fullscreen optimizations. Step 2: Select Properties and then go to the Compatibility tab. Step 3: Now, Click. 4) Fullscreen Optimizations & High DPI. Windows 10 users should disable the full screen optimization that is enabled by default for the ROR2's exe file. Go to the folder where the game is installed (Steam Library > Right click on Risk of Rain 2 > Manage > Browse local files) Then right click on Risk of Rain 2.exe; Select Propertie

-> Steam -> Library -> Horizon Zero Dawn -> right click on it -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files -> HorizonZeroDawn.exe -> Right click on it -> Properties again and 1.Check disable Fullscreen Optimization. Check Run the program admistrator. Goto Change High Dpi and check Override high DPI blah blah blah Aplication. Ok let's talk about Anisotropic Filtering. Well it doesn't work. Click on the Compatibility tab and click on Disable fullscreen optimizations checkbox. Click on Apply and OK when you are done. Click on Apply and OK when you are done

Disable fullscreen optimization. Go to your PUBG game folder - PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64. Select TslGame.exe and right-click and select properties. Click on Comparability Tab and click Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Apply and OK. Steam Input Settings. In Steam Library, select PUBG and right-click, select properties. In General Tab, you will see an option Steam Input per-game. [Steam Client Troubleshooting] DISABLE FULLSCREEN OPTIMIZATION: 1. Go to this directory: Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 2. Select TslGame.exe and right click and select properties. 3. Click on Comparability Tab and click Disable Fullscreen Optimization 4. Apply and OK. PUBG SUPPOR How To Stop Auto-Uninstallation On Steam. For whatever reason, some players are forced to redownload Destiny 2 on Steam after a computer shuts down, or goes into sleep mode. As a temporary fix. Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Navigate to the PUBG install folder located in the Steam library. Right click TSLGame.exe and click properties. Under the compatibility tab, check the box that says 'Override high DPI scaling'. Select 'Application' from the dropdown menu. Click apply. Launch Options. Open up your steam library, right click PUBG and go to properties. Under the general. Fullscreen optimizations. Go to your PUBG folder and disable 'fullscreen optimization' of ExecPUBG.exe; TSLGame.exe; TSLGame_BE.exe and 'Change high DPI Settings' to application controlled. 2. SteamVR and Input Per-Game . RMB PUBG - Use Desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is active and set the Steam Input Per-Game Setting to Forced Off. 3. NEVER EVER use 'Launch.

apex legends→ right click → properties → compatibiliy→Change settings for all users →Disable fullscreen. optimizations→OK→OK. restart PC then using keyboard media key check in game. PS: DX 12 game can't Disable fullscreen optimizations. can't be exclusive fullscreen Fix 1: Give Administrator Permissions and Disable Fullscreen Optimization. The game requires administrator permissions to access certain critical files for proper functioning. If it lacks permissions, you are very likely to encounter the crashing issue during the gameplay. Besides, the fullscreen optimization feature is also reported as one of the reasons for HOI4 crashing. Luckily, you can. How to Disable Full Screen Optimization on Windows 10 for Overwatch. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up. -> Steam -> Library -> Horizon Zero Dawn -> right click on it -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local File. Now Right-click on HorizonZeroDawn.exe -> Select Properties then go to compatibility and Select disable Fullscreen Optimization and Run this as an administrator. Then Click on Change High Dpi Settings and select Override high DPI Scaling Behavior scaling performed by Application. In this article, I have discussed how to disable Fullscreen Optimization in Windows 10. By disabling this feature, you can fix the FPS drops while playing games on your PC. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations In Windows 10. Earlier, it was quite easy to disable the Fullscreen Optimization feature on Windows 10, as there was a dedicated option for.

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  1. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations Locate BioshockHD.exe under <path-to-game>\Build\Final. Right Click on BioshockHD.exe and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Under settings select Disable fullscreen optimizations and click OK to save the changes. Run Game using Internal Graphics Card. For NVIDIA driver
  2. Turn off Image Sharpening mode. This will turn off the sharpness post-processing that can hog up your resources. Disable Low-Latency Mode. Set the Max Pre-Rendered Frames value to 1. This will ensure that your GPU is working on the immediate next frame rather than trying to process what's ahead. Enable Threaded Optimization and G-Sync if your monitor supports it. Set the Display Mode to.
  3. If you are still facing screen tearing issue, you can try to disable fullscreen optimization for the game. Here's how: Step 1: Make a right click on the icon on the game with which you are facing the screen tearing issue and click on the Properties option. Step 2: In the Properties window that opens, go to the Compatibility tab, then select the Disable fullscreen optimization option. When.
  4. istrator & Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. In some cases, it could be that the game doesn't have any ad
  5. permission, often that's another cause for these errors. As both settings are located at the same place, the procedure is simple and straightforward. In order.

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  1. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations for Specific Apps. Right-click the executable the for the app you want to disable Fullscreen Optimizations for. In the context menu, select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Enable the option Disable fullscreen optimizations. This will disable fullscreen optimizations for the specific app for the current user only. It is possible to disable them for all.
  2. How to disable fullscreen optimization for games on Windows 10. If this new feature is actually decreasing your system's performance while you're playing, you can use an app called CompatibilityManager to disable fullscreen optimization for games on Windows 10.. The app also allows you to disable fullscreen optimization for specific games, as well as for multiple games at once

Disable Windows 10 fullscreen optimizations Go to <path-to-game>. Right click: NieRAutomata.exe; Do not close Steam or shut down the computer as this will terminate the download! When the download is finished the following line will be printed in the console: Depot download complete : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_524220\depot_524221 (656 files, manifest. Hello, i check 'disable Fullscreen Optimizations' in combatibility tab, yet i read it is not working from build 1703! I also tried some registry entries. Problem is: how do i verify it is off. From microsoft dev blog, when fullscreen optimizati Disable Fullscreen Optimizations and Run the Game as an Administrator Step 1. . Right-click the shortcut of Steam on the desktop and select Properties. Step 2. . Go to the Compatibility tab and select the checkbox for Run this program as an administrator. Step 3. . Then select the checkboxes for.

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Then close Steam and do the same operation to the executable file of Steam. Step 7: Run the game from Steam to check if the problem disappears. Solution 4: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. Fullscreen Optimizations might lead to Monster Hunter: World crashing PC, too. Some users have fixed the problem by disabling fullscreen optimizations and. If you downloaded the game with Steam: Go to directory with the game\Steam\steamapps\common\TERA Right-click the TERA.exe file (which launches the game from this folder) and select Properties Go to the Compatibility tab and select Disable fullscreen optimizations, then Apply and O

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Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Fullscreen Optimization can be a factor that causes stuttering and frame drops, if you're looking to disable this feature follow these steps. In your steam library right-click PUBG. Hover over Manage and select Browse Local Files. In the search bar on the top right, type in .exe; 4 .exe applications will be available to you. right-click one of them. Press. Fix 2: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. The fullscreen optimizations features can optimize the gaming performance in the full screen mode, but it may trigger the lagging issue during the game in some cases. Therefore, if you are using this feature, try disabling it with the following steps. Step 1: Right-click the shortcut or executable file of your Apex Legends and choose Properties. Step 2. Click the Compatability tab and tick the Disable fullscreen optimizations box and hit Apply; Run the game once from Steam and then quit once you reach the main menu. This will generate the settings.cfg file; Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Monolith Productions\FEAR; Open settings.cfg with a text editor. Change the ScreenWidth 640 and ScreenHeight 480 lines to match your resolution. Solution 2 - Disable fullscreen optimization. Show all hidden files and folders: - Right click on the Windows image in the bottom left corner of your screen and choose File Explorer - From the top of the new window, click on View and then tick the Hidden Items box; Open the folders in the following order: This PC > OS (C:) > ProgramData > activeMARK > instant > apps; Locate the folder with the.

Open your game folder through Steam. Then, right click on hl2.exe, click Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and then check the box that says Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. You can find more information on the DirectX Developer Blog and in this Reddit thread. If disabling fullscreen optimizations helps, let Microsoft know, so they can. Check the box that says disable fullscreen optimizations Click apply. That will likely solve your issues with that individual game, but it's also possible to disable them system wide. This is even easier to do, as it doesn't require finding the game's executable. Open the settings app; Go to the gaming section; Uncheck show game bar when I play full screen games Microsoft has. Also, try the above fix through the Steam client and Windows Program properties. Go to the desktop shortcut of the game or the executable located at the install directory > right-click > Properties > Compatibility tab > check Disable fullscreen optimization. You can also try and force Windowed Borderless from Steam. Here are the steps: From the Steam Library, right-click on the game and select. DISABLE FULLSCREEN OPTIMIZATIONS: 1. Using the File Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hell Let Loose\HLL\Binaries\Win64 . 2. Right-click HLL-Win64-Shipping > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Check the box where it says Disable Fullscreen Optimizations 3. After that, click on Change high DPI. To fix the Bad_Module_Info error, you need to disable fullscreen optimization for the app that's generating it. To do so, right-click the EXE or shortcut of the app. Select 'Properties' from the context menu. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the 'Disable fullscreen optimizations' option. Click Apply, and for good measure, restart.

For Screen Tearing, you'll need to go to the game's executable file through the game's properties on Steam, right-click it and check the Disable Fullscreen Optimizations checkbox. If you're playing through Steam you can verify the game files. The other way is to completely reinstall the game. Run as Administrator & Disable Fullscreen Optimization. The other common perpetrator when it comes to crashes or similar errors, is the game not having the required administrative rights to run the game properly. To fix that, simply find the shortcut for Outriders, right-click it. Sometimes playing games on the fullscreen mode can also cause a couple of issues. So, use the Windowed mode to check for the issue. But if you're already playing your game in fullscreen mode, try disabling it. However, if this doesn't fix the problem, try the next method. 4. Disable Fullscreen Optimization and Run as Administrato Check Disable fullscreen optimizations and click OK. Notes On Windows 10 v1803 April Update, some users might experience an issue while using an injector based on dxgi.dll where fullscreen optimizations are forcefully enabled despite being disabled because of the presence of that DLL file

The first thing players need to do is disable fullscreen optimizations. Go to your Steam library > Manage > Browse Local Files > right-click eu4.exe > Properties > Compatibility tab > disable fullscreen optimizations. Apply the change and the game won't crash at launch. Furthermore, the Europa Universalis 4 crash at launch issue can also be resolved by running the game in borderless. To disable the Fullscreen optimizations and enable the high DPI overrides, just go in your GTA 5 root folder {The directory where GTA 5 is installed in your PC} and right-click on GTA 5 application and go to the Properties. In the Compatibility section, you will find disable fullscreen optimization option. Just select it and then click on Change high DPI settings. Disable Fullscreen. Solution 7: Disable PUBG Fullscreen Optimizations. Of course, if you are plagued by Steam initiating failed in other games like Shadow of the tomb raider, Total War, or Steam API, it is also necessary to disable the fullscreen optimizations for these games. 1 Head back to Steam Library, right-click Borderlands from the list of games, and choose Play Game. Check to see if the same problem still appears! Solution 7: Turn off Fullscreen Optimizations. This method is one of the lesser-known methods which can be used to resolve the problem n your computer. However, many users have reported that disabling. Thanks Andrew, disable fullscreen optimizations fixed the issue for me. Ingame now I have 60 FPS and 10-20% GPU utilization. However as something you might note as a bug, if I alt+tab and Stellaris goes to the background, it goes to 100% GPU usage immediatly

Disable Fullscreen Optimization; Update your graphics driver; Stop Overclocking your CPU; Close unnecessary programs; Raise the Priority of your game; Reinstall your game and/or Steam; Fix #01 - Verify the integrity of game files. Sometimes a missing or corrupt file can lead your game to crash from time to time. First, you need to make sure. If necessary, try right clicking the executable, select Properties, switch to the Compatibility tab and check off the 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' option (set it to Application), run as administrator and disable fullscreen optimization, and maybe set a Win 7 or 8 compatibility mode. In Windows 7, check off the option to 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings', disable desktop. Method #4. To turn off Windows 10 game mode, click the Start icon to bring up the Start menu. Then open the Settings. Click the Gaming; On the Game Bar tab, set the Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar to Off. On the Captures tab, set the Record in the background while I'm playing a game to Off. On the Game Mode tab, set the Game Mode to Off

If Stellaris will not start try running Stellaris in Borderless fullscreen mode. That can be accessed from the Paradox launcher on the settings menu, go into that menu and select Borderless fullscreen. Special Note For The Nemesis DLC. If your game is too big to fit on the screen after installing the Nemesis DLC you probably had the UI scaling set to more than 1, and although you can get. Open Steam. Go to your Library and find Little Nightmares 2. On your mouse, press right-click on it. Go to Properties > Local Files Tab. Press Verify Integrity of Game Files. This should take only a couple of minutes. Try the game after that. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations & Run as Administrator. Most of the time, issues like crashes and if your game doesn't launch at all, might be. Steam Overlay Fix. Update your Steam client and the issue will be resolved. If the overlay doesn't work properly for you then run the game as administrator and disable fullscreen optimization. See under Game Not Launching fix to see how to do it. Rockstar Games Launcher Exited Unexpectedly Fi

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Solution 1: Disabling Full-Screen Optimization. Recent releases of Windows 10 include a feature for people who game. This feature is named Full-screen optimization and when it is enabled, it allows the operating system to optimize the video quality and performance when the games are running in full-screen mode.However, despite it doing any good, this feature is known to cause problems. How do I get rid of fullscreen optimization 2020? Disable Fullscreen Optimizations via Settings Press Windows key and I key together to open Settings. In the Settings window, click System. Then click Display tab from the left panel. Then choose Advanced graphics settings. In the pop-up window, uncheck the option Enable fullscreen optimizations The game will not lunch under Steam. But is able to run eu4.exe with disable fullscreen optimizations Posted by daninthemix: I don't understand Disable Fullscreen Optimizations PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP. File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px

By disabling fullscreen optimization, you also disable the V-Sync that Windows 10 for some reason loves to force on any application. To disable fullscreen optimization for fortnite, navigate to. Go to the Compatibility tab and make sure that Disable Fullscreen Optimization is checked. Go to the High DPI settings and make sure the Override High DPI Scaling Behavior is checked. System Requirements for FIFA 21 . MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system; OS: Windows 10 - 64-Bit; Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz or AMD Athlon X4 880K @4GHz; Memory. Disable fullscreen optimizations; This should get rid of the white boxes in the options menu. Some users report that it fixes the options menu issue entirely. Right-click on the game's executable file in its directory (<path-to-game>\w2.exe) and go to Properties -> Compatibility; Tick the Disable fullscreen optimizations box; Click Apply, then OK; Change resolution to no higher than.

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Fix #4 - Disable Fullscreen Optimization. The fullscreen Optimizations feature is designed to improve performance of games when they're running on a borderless full screen. Some players, however, report that the feature causes trouble with games leading to crashing issues. To disable fullscreen optimization: Open the file location where Destiny 2 installation file is saved on your computer. The following are the optimizations you can do on steam to optimize PUBG FPS for gaming performance on steam. These settings can be understood easily from the screenshots below: Right-click PUBG in steam library > Properties > General tab. Un-Check Enable Steam Overlay while in-game If you want you can Set up steam launch options for pubg. I have written a separate guide for the launch. You can force true fullscreen with a simple Steam command. How To Enable True Fullscreen . Right-click Valheim in your Steam Library -> Select Properties Under the General Tab, find LAUNCH.

Step 3: Disable Steam Overlay. Easy way to boost your FPS by disabling what is not really necessary to play CSGO. One of the things is Steam Overlay that opens when you press SHIFT + TAB while in-game. To disable it, right click on Counter Strike Global Offensive on your games list on Steam and select Properties. Increase average FPS by disabling Steam Overlay in-game. Remove the tick from. Method #2 Go to the library page on Steam app Right-click on Phasmophobia Select Manage, then click on the Browse local files After that right click on Phasmophobia.exe Select Properties Go to the Compatibility tab. Tick the Disable fullscreen optimizations and Run this program as an.

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Download the registry needed for Disable Fullscreen Optimizations for Windows 10 1903 and tweak it to suit your own computer. This registry helps fix problems with launching, installing or updating Disable Fullscreen Optimizations for Windows 10 1903 Check Disable Fullscreen Optimizations to disable this feature. Press OK and exit the window. You should now get better performance from your video card on the same settings. Many. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations for Among Us. Among us is not that huge graphics game which might cause lag when you play it in fullscreen mode. But still, if it lags when you play it in fullscreen then you can try disabling fullscreen optimizations and enable override high DPI scaling behavior setting for it to make it a little bit less laggy

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Here's how to get Stellaris (and lots of other games) to work in real fullscreen. 1. Find your stellaris executabie. This is *not* your steam shortcut that might be on your desktop. The easiest way to find this is from Steam, right click on Stellaris, go to properties, go to the third tab Local Files and hit the button Browse Local Files. Baldur's Gate 3 has launched as a Steam Early Access title. Obviously, there is work that remains to be done on the game including optimization. This means, running the game at 60 FPS can be challenging for a mid-range PC. In my Baldur's Gate 3 PC Optimization Guide, I'll take players through each of the game's graphical settings and will explain what they do and their performance. Fix 3: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. Fullscreen Optimization is a Windows 10 gaming-oriented feature that is designed to help boost performance of games when they're in full-screen mode. Unfortunately, many reports suggest that, paradoxically, this feature triggers all sorts of problems like lag, low FPS, freezes and crashes Method 1: Disable Fullscreen Optimization to Stop Apex Legends Crashing. Windows provide all the necessary features to let the users have the best gaming experience. The Fullscreen Optimization is a part of it. But all games can't provide the resources that Windows asks for rendering advanced gaming performance

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Solution 4: Disable Fullscreen Optimizations. This is quite a simple fix which has actually worked for several people and it's definitely something to try out if the methods above have entirely failed. Fullscreen optimizations seem to be the culprit to the crashing issues and, luckily, they can be disabled in a blink of an eye, simply by. The gameplay is fun but can be annoying sometimes due to optimization issues on HLL. Because of that I made a guide about how to boost your FPS in Hell Let Loose. I have compiled a few tweaks and recommended settings that can possibly increase the FPS. This tutorial will fix the issues such as spikes, freezing, lagging, fps drop, stuttering, low FPS while playing Hell Let Loose. Especially if. Fix #3: Try to disable fullscreen optimization. In case you are a Windows 10 user, you can consider this fix. Follow the instructions as given below to resolve the issue. Right-click on Stellaris and select Properties. Next, go to the Compatibility tab and then check the option Disable fullscreen optimizations. Tap Apply, and then OK. Finally, relaunch the game, and the issue must have been. Administrator & Fullscreen Optimizations. When trying each of the fixes, make sure that you're trying to launch the game in-between as well, to see whether the crashes, FPS stutters, and other issues have disappeared. If they're persistent, then try this: Right-click Valheim. Go to Properties > Compatibility tab. Select Run this program as an administrator and Disable Fullscreen. Or if you use windows 10, you can disable Fullscreen optimization (right click on eu4.exe >> compatibility >> disable fullscreen optimizations). Both of these sometimes help with nvidia cards. 2; 1; Reactions: Junuxx Field Marshal . 42 Badges. Oct 19, 2008 7.112 1.369. May 4, 2021 #5 Haha nice apples and pears. Toggle signature. Trade Route Visualizer (EU4) • Trebizond AAR (EU3) 1.

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Path of Exile Performance Optimization Guide. Lets begin with a simple video options modifications before we move onto the networking issues. This simple guide will not only help you boost your performance but also help you understand how they impact your machine and gameplay. When you through your PC or Steam client open the Options menu and select Graphics. This is the list of options. Try disabling Fullscreen optimization for Sekiro: right mouse click on sekiro.exe -> Compatibility-> tick 'Disable fullscreen optimizations' If you are using ReShade make sure your preset doesn't enforce 60 Hz, try removing ReShade and see if it solves the problem ; Try adding the whole game folder and Sekiro FPS Unlocker and more to your antivirus's exclusion list; Try disabling Steam.

Fullscreen Optimization settings. Right-click on the desktop launcher for the game and select open file location. Right-click on the game application launcher. Select Properties; Tick Disable full-screen optimizations on the Compatibility tab. Click on the OK; OptimizeWindows for Best Performance. If you're struggling with FPS, you can optimize your Windows system and churn those extra bits. +exec autoexec -refresh 75 -dev -console -preload -threads 4 -forcenovsync -fullscreen -high I will create autoexec.cfg on the example of Steam. When you entered the cfg folder, right-click with the mouse, and create a text document and call it autoexec.cfg Open the file with a text editor like Notepad++ and paste this in there: static_shadow 1; static_shadow_res 0; mat_disable. Tick Disable Fullscreen optimizations. 6. Tick Run this program as administrator (you might need to disable this if there are issues with connectivity or something). 7. Press Apply then press Okay. You need to do this everytime the game updates, as often they replace the file, and thus the settings are lost. I was running as admin already. So first I disabled Fullscreen Optimizations. Because if you use Windows 10, then by default it runs fullscreen exclusive games in borderless mode without you even noticing the difference. And if you want to confirm that, just right click on any game you have installed, click on Properties > Compatibility and see if Disable Fullscreen Optimizations is unchecked Fix 4 - Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Windows is doing everything to let gamers get the best gaming experience. It is the same reason behind 'Fullscreen Optimization' that allows gamers to play games on a full screen, giving an incredible gaming performance. If you are facing crashes while playing the Apex Legends then try disabling the fullscreen optimization. This feature can cause.

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